A Look Ahead at the EVs of 2020

With electric cars getting better with each passing year, 2020 is sure to be another exciting step forward.

With electric cars getting better with each passing year, 2020 is sure to be another exciting step forward. Right now, there are plenty of interesting EVs on sale, but there are a few notable new models entering the fray within the next model year or so. Here are our 5 favorite electric cars coming out in the next year, with all the information we know about them.

MINI Cooper SE

Credit: MINI USA

It sounds like a chocolate and peanut butter combination: mix the electrified guts of the zippy BMW i3s with the compact chassis and dynamic handling of a 2-door MINI Cooper S. That’s what MINI is promising with the upcoming MINI Cooper SE, a performance-focused electric hatchback.

According to rumors, this car should cost about the same as a well-appointed gas-powered Cooper S, so probably right around the $30K USD mark.

And, if the BMW i3s is any indication, you can expect a motor with under 200 HP, and range right around 120 miles, which puts a bit behind cars like the base Nissan Leaf and leagues behind the Chevy Bolt EV and Tesla Model 3. Further extrapolating from the i3s, the Cooper SE will probably feature a 94kWh battery pack that’s liquid cooled, which should extend its range and lifespan. MINI USA says the SE will charge to 80% in about 40 minutes using a DC Fast charging station.

All told, the size and handling of the MINI Cooper SE will likely make it a favorite for those who value fun and pep over range and interior space. It might not be ideal for road trips, but as a commuter car that’s quick on your favorite twisty mountain road, this is an EV we’re looking forward to sampling.

Source: http://www.motoringfile.com/2019/04/25/the-electric-mini-cooper-se-us-availability-and-pricing/

Kia Soul EV (2020)

Credit: Kia

You don’t have to be a cartoon hamster to appreciate the Kia Soul. It’s a tall, well-built vehicle that can fit a ton of people and cargo. And, for the new generation Soul, it’s getting a shot in the arm of pure EV fun.

Kia’s brought over all of its great electric tech into the Soul EV, granting it a 200 HP motor and a big 64kWH liquid cooled battery pack. Even though Kia hasn’t released complete specs yet, this car should roughly match what its Niro-based cousin can muster in terms of range: around 240 miles on a charge.

Its design looks a ton like the standard Soul, but we appreciate the addition of a convenient charging port right up front. Needless to say, the Soul retains the large, horseshoe-shaped brake lights, and slim LED headlights of the normal version, but thanks to its all-electric drivetrain, its propulsion will match its futuristic aesthetic.

If you’re in the market for a practical, spacious EV that you don’t have to charge every day, the upcoming Soul EV looks like it’ll fit the bill nicely. Especially for small families, the Soul EV may be the ultimate everyday electric car that can do it all.

Source: https://www.kia.com/us/en/content/vehicles/upcoming-vehicles/2020-soul-ev

VW ID. Hatchback

Credit: Volkswagen AG

Coming off its deplorable diesel emissions scandal, Volkswagen has a lot of work to do to win back eco-conscious drivers the world over. So, it’s planning to hit the EV market hard with a family of new, all-electric cars based around the same platform. The first car, simply called the VW ID., seems like a simple hatchback.

But don’t overlook the importance of the ID.: this car has a big job. It has to be the third most significant product in the company’s 80-plus-year history, right after the Beetle and the Golf.

The concepts that VW has shown of the ID. have some incredible features, like expressive front LED lighting, that likely won’t make it into a production vehicle. We’re hoping VW pulls out all the stops with its tech packages, because the company needs to atone for its abuse of the environment. All told, its posture and size are extremely reminiscent of the competing Nissan Leaf, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Specs for this upcoming vehicle are a little hard to come by still, but we can expect this rear-wheel-drive car to make under 200 HP. VW’s concept range target was around 200 miles, and there’s talk of an upgraded model that’ll go for 300 or more miles on a charge. Stateside, we’re not expected to get the normal ID. hatch, but rather will start with a slightly bigger CUV (currently called the ID. Crozz) based on the same platform.

Source: https://www.edmunds.com/volkswagen/id/

Polestar 2

Credit: Polestar

Volvo’s EV brand is about to bust onto the market with its first full electric option, and it looks like an exciting, exclusive ride. Fans of Scandinavian design should keep their eyes peeled for this beautiful sedan.

The Polestar 2 wears its Volvo heritage on its exterior, even though you won’t find a Volvo logo anywhere on it. The distinctive Thor’s Hammer headlights and thin LED taillights are the only hint that this vehicle is a cousin to the Swedish brand’s offerings, albeit one that’s stuffed full of batteries that’ll give it an estimated range of 275 miles on a charge.

Putting down 408 HP to all four wheels, the Polestar 2 has a tall profile with plenty of ground clearance, so expect this car to be a favorite in snowy climes. It’s slated to be one of the first cars to use Google’s Android Auto operating system, too, so the center media display will have a fast, straightforward interface for navigating all its settings with touch or voice.

The Polestar 2 is going to be available through the Polestar website, with the brand is planning a very exclusive rollout to start. Building off of another Volvo program, Polestar also expects to make the 2 available as part of an all-inclusive plan, so you can drive and insure the car with one simple monthly payment, without buying it outright. Now, that’s some real Swedish innovation!

Source: https://www.polestar.com/us/cars/polestar-2

Porsche Taycan EV

Credit: Porsche AG

Out of all of the Tesla-challenging luxury EVs that are hitting the market, the Porsche Taycan should probably worry Elon the most. Building on Porsche’s popular Cayenne SUV and Panamera four-door sedan, the Taycan is boasting impressive engineering along with cutting-edge EV performance.

Boasting over 300 miles of range, the Taycan also should have twin motors putting at least 600 HP between its front and rear wheels. It will also come equipped with the latest high-speed DC Fast charging abilities, with the ability to take in 800 volts, which should top up the car’s range to 250 miles over only 15 minutes.  The vehicle has a charge port on either side of the vehicle, so you can just pick whichever plug is more convenient to access. How very German.

So, it’s got the Porsche brand pedigree, futuristic good looks, powerful dual motors, and extra long range. What’s not to like, except for maybe the inevitably ridiculous price tag?

Source: https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/porsche-taycan-first-ride/

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