The HonestEV Manifesto

The world is quickly turning to renewable energy as a way to phase out old, dangerous energy-generation methods. With a better understanding of power and efficiency, it only follows that things that used to be powered by combustion will gain batteries and electric motors, like the humble automobile. is your source for news, reviews, and commentary that will try to paint a fair, accurate picture of our transition from gas to battery, from pump to cord, and from coal and natural gas to alternative renewable energy sources.

What is an EV?

We count EVs as any vehicle that relies on electricity. That counts BEVs, Trains, Busses, Bikes…anything with wheels, that travels on rails, or on tires. We also aim to cover the entire chain of technology required to run these vehicles, from energy generation, storage, chargers, and other infrastructure. Then, there’s the recycling required to deal with any material waste created by batteries and other components in a way that doesn’t further damage our environment. New cars are alluring, but the entire picture needs to be considered in order to bring on lasting, impactful change.

The Transparency Promise

Unlike other EV blogs, we promise full transparency. We don’t want free cars, we’ll be clear about where our personal preferences lay, and we won’t let writers with a vested interest in companies cover said companies. Period.

It’s time for old-school journalistic ethics to make a comeback, and especially in the EV space, it’s a fraught world. Free car giveaways are no substitute for honesty, clarity, and objectivity. If we ever have to accept paid trips, accommodations, or airfare from a car manufacturer, you’ll see it called out at the very top of the article, so that you know exactly how we were able to give you the content we’ve published.

Furthermore, affiliate codes and referral programs will not be used on this site. This site exists to inform people of what’s going on in the EV space, not as a space for cheerleading. We reserve the right to write analysis, critical or not, of any manufacturer or product, and we will do so when necessary. And, because we aren’t aiming to benefit directly from individual sales of vehicles or products, we have no reason to promote a bias one way or the other.

If you want to reward our coverage, or find what we’re writing useful, feel free to promote the site and leave us a tip.

On Politics and the Environment

Climate change is a real and present danger. It is a human issue, and it has only been politicized by the refusal to deal with this crisis head-on. We think that the facts speak for themselves and we trust the science that has been collected over the course of decades.

We must drastically reduce what greenhouse gasses we put into the atmosphere, and usher in a era of dramatic, systemic change to our lifestyles in order to minimize further damage.

Environmental issues will be covered here with candor, but when opinions published on the site don’t reflect that of the site, you can expect that will be noted clearly. It is also worth noting that climate change impacts the most vulnerable in our societies, and we aim to include that point of view whenever possible. There’s no one silver bullet to combat climate change, especially not buying expensive luxury electric cars.

This is a living document that will continue to grow and change as the site evolves. Stay tuned!